Sunday, March 30, 2008

Best thing I have ever eaten since going gluten free!

Oh My God!!!!!!!So I got my babycakes on fri. night and decided to try one piece of a cake that is called "Fatpants" that should have said it all. Well I got myself a glass of milk and a fork and decided to try it. It was so delicious, it was a chocolate cake with white icing, I do not know much about since my fiance was the one who picked it out for me (I was not there) All I know was that it was by far the best cake I have ever had. I ate it slowly and savored each bite because I knew I would not have another one for a while. This cake is serious, and I have already request a "Fatpants" cake for my birthday. Even though I am not sure I can wait until then, my birthday is June 27th!

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